Tips for Being Successful on a Vegan Diet

For most people, the thought of cutting out meat and dairy can seem easy, at least in the short term, but when they think about making the change permanent, it can seem incredibly overwhelming. Believe it or not, long-term success on a vegan diet isn’t impossible, and there are lots of things you can do…read more

Surprise! Little-Known Benefits of Following a Vegan Diet

There are so many little-known benefits of following a vegan diet. The obvious reasons to follow a vegan diet are many, and they include better heart health and the peace of mind in knowing that you’re not contributing to an industry that practices blatant animal cruelty. But, in addition to the widely known benefits of…read more

Is it Safe to Stay Vegan While You’re Pregnant?

Should vegan women who get pregnant ditch their diet for a more traditional one? Whether or not you are pregnant, when you tell someone that you follow a vegan diet, there will likely be some questions and concerns. But, when you do get pregnant, those questions and concerns start coming more and more frequently, and…read more

From the Silly to the Downright Ridiculous — The Myths About Veganism Part 2

When it comes to vegan diets, there’s no shortage of myths and misconceptions. Following a vegan diet in the United States is akin to being the only kid in a room full of grownups, or a Golden Retriever in a room full of cats. Vegans just aren’t that common in the United States, although more…read more

From the Silly to the Downright Ridiculous — The Myths About Veganism

There are so many myths out there about veganism, ranging from silly to downright ridiculous. Whether you’re new to being a vegan or you’ve been doing following a vegan diet for years, you’ve probably heard many of the myths about veganism over and over again. From disquieted family members asking you if you’ll get enough…read more

Give the Gift of Good Health This Holiday Season

Still wondering what to get your vegan or vegetarian friends and family this holiday season? In just a couple of short weeks, the holidays will be here at last. Every year, millions of people hit the stores across the United States seeking out that perfect gift for the people they love most. Some people have…read more

Where to Get B12 as a Vegan

Everyone needs vitamin B12, but for vegans, it can be tricky to find. Unlike what most people believe, it’s not that difficult to meet the vast majority of your nutritional needs while following a vegan diet. However, there are a few vitamins and nutrients out there that aren’t so easy to come by as a…read more

The Environmental Benefits of Vegan Diets Part 2

Whether you’re vegan because of the health reasons or the ethical reasons, it’s beneficial for the environment in many ways. There is a long list of reasons why someone may want to become a vegan, but regardless of why you’re doing it, you’re helping to protect the environment. In fact, becoming a vegan is one…read more

The Environmental Benefits of Vegan Diets

There are so many reasons to become a vegan. You will often hear people say, “there are many different kinds of vegans.” While this isn’t technically true, as the only prerequisite for being vegan is not eating any animal products, it is true that people become vegans for all kinds of different reasons. Some people…read more